Welcome to The Crown Point Road Association Blog

The Crown Point Road Association is a diverse group of amateur historians (along with a few professional historians), hikers, and interested individuals dedicated to the preservation of the old Crown Point Military Road. The Association seeks to preserve the history of the old military road – be it by means of physical preservation – or by means of individual research and documentation.

The Crown Point Road Association has been in existence for over 50 years. Last year (2009), as part of the celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the construction of the old military road, a group of CPRA members hiked end – end from the Fortress at Crown Point , New York – Fort No. 4 at Charlestown, New Hampshire. A day to day blog was set-up on our website so that all could follow the hikers. The blog proved to be very popular and, accordingly, the Association has made the Hike Blog a permanent feature of our website. Here you can review a journal of the hike / event scheduled by the Association for each month, contribute comments and information relative to each hike / event, post current events regarding local history, or just relate your own discoveries for all to see.

The blog is moderated, but anyone can post whether you are an Association member or not. Of course we would like you to consider becoming a member, and if you would like to pursue membership, then just visit the membership page of our website to sign-up. It only costs a few bucks per year.

I look forward to your contributions to the CPRA blog and it is my hope that this forum will serve as a resource for the sharing of information regarding our local history.

Thank You
Jim Purdy (Admin)